Supported Events: Equal Pay Day - Adelaide
Date Wednesday, 04 August 2021
Time 04 Aug 17:30 - 04 Aug 19:00
Venue The Caledonian 219 O'Connell Street North Adelaide SA Australia
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Women on Boards and BPW Adelaide are partnering to host an event for Equal Pay Day in Adelaide. We invite you to attend with WOB State Rep, Wendy Teasdale-Smith to hear from guest speaker, Dr Jill Gould discuss the topic. 

Equal Pay Day marks the period of extra days in the current year which women need to work to achieve the same wages that men earned during the previous financial year.

BPW Australia calls on leaders in government and industry to initiate strategies to address and close the gender pay gap. The Gender Pay Gap has hovered between 15% and 19% for the past two decades (based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Average Weekly Earnings survey data). Despite the many social, legislative and technological advances of the 21st Century, pay inequality between women and men has stagnated. 

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency nominates the date of Equal Pay Day to recognise the extra weeks that women in employment in Australia must work  in order to be on a par with their male counterparts’ earnings in the previous financial year.

BPW Australia is working to elevate this issue on the public agenda by raising awareness about pay inequity and making ‘wages’ a matter of priority in public discussion. We mark Equal Pay Day as a way of drawing attention to the pay gap that exists not only in Australia but in most countries between women and men

Guest speaker: ​Dr Jill Gould - Centre for Workplace Excellence, Uni SA

Jill’s research interests include gender equality, female representation on boards, pay equity and impact of increases in female representation at senior levels.

Jill has a management/project accounting background, with experience in both the private and public sectors. She has completed a Master of Business Administration, winning the Adelaide Bank Award for Managerial Economics and Chancellor's Award for being one of the top two graduates in her year. She also has a Master of Public Administration (Management). Rather than start a third masters degree, Jill studied for a PhD from UniSA and received the Graham Arnold award for the best dissertation in the area of Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Management or International Business.