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Get Smart insights & Make Smarter decisions

Thursday 18th October - 8.30am - 12:00pm, Sydney CBD

Want to know how to make smarter decisions? Get better insights to lead your team? This workshop will review a number of methods of analysis techniques including SWOT Analysis and introduce participants to a new matrix that will enable them to quickly sort through the numerous methods of analysis available to select the appropriate analytical tool.

This is a half day intensive workshop lead by Babette Bensoussan, The Decision Making Maverick, Executive Leadership Coach, Author and Adjunct Professor.

Click here for more information or to take up the early bird special rate of $295 before September 30th. 

Who is this workshop suited to?

Leaders at all levels of an organisation are required on a daily basis to make important decisions - often with far reaching consequences.

If you are a CEO, Managing Director, Functional Head, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Business Analyst or Business Entrepreneur - you and your organisation will benefit from the tools and processes learned and discussed in this workshop.

Places are limited to 20 attendees only!

What we cover, and what you will learn:

Understand the range of analysis techniques avaialble
Identify the right analysis tool for the right situation
Learn how to use and deliver insights from SWOT - correctly!
Improve your strategic planning and decision making capability
Instill a sense of creative thinking within your strategic efforts

About Babette Bensoussan - Facilitator

Babette has been a professional executive coach and competitive insights educator for over 25 years. She has worked with hundreds of individuals locally, and organisations abroad – assisting them to better understand their choices, develop their leadership skills, improve their decision-making, and ultimately achieve their goals. Babette is currently the Adjunct Professor with the School of Business at UTS, and the author of several top selling books on Strategy and Competitive Intelligence.