Succeed in the boardroom: WOBSX: If you search me, what will you find?
Date Thursday, 02 June 2022
Time 02 Jun 17:30 - 02 Jun 19:30 AEST
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Join reputational strategist, Angela Cross, as she highlights how you can build a professional reputations so it has meaning, is aligned to who you are as a person and delivers results. 

Angela has been introduced to us by WOBSX graduate Cheryl Hayman. Angela works with a range of CEOs and other leaders to build their brand in the marketplace. This includes Rich Curtis, the CEO of FutureBrand, who will join us as a 'live case study' at this event. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only graduates of the WOBSX program are eligible to attend this event.

Guest Presenter: Angela Cross

Angela is a reputation strategist who works with CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs to build their professional reputations so it has meaning for them, is aligned to who they are as a person, and delivers results. Many leaders feel uncomfortable talking about their ‘personal brand’, but done right, being visible and building a professional reputation is a smart career and business acceleration tool. Angela works with leaders who want to feel comfortable building their reputation, start simply and get it right from the beginning. Her clients treat their reputation as an asset that gets them results, whether it’s business growth, a profile as a thought leader or innovator, industry recognition, or a faster path to achieving their career goals. She runs pilotpr.com.au