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To support our leadership and board-related programs, Women on Boards offers a range of workshops to support your career development.  Some of these are held in partnership with carefully selected external providers. 

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Successful Goal Setting: Clarify your important goals and achieve them

This unique one day workshop where you will receive group coaching with a highly experienced coach. You'll learn the latest ideas about well-being and success and apply these step-by-step to create your own personal plan for the year ahead. You'll also have a fabulous opportunity to network and share insights with others who, just like you, are determined to achieve their goals over the next 12 months.

Program focus:

  • Why positive thinking and vague plans so often fail to deliver the life you want.
  • How to be drawn into your future, not driven by your past.
  • How to discover what truly matters to you and stay true to your values.
  • How to make the best decisions for you when you’re faced with complex and competing choices.
  • How to blend chance and opportunity with a robust and actionable plan.
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Please express your interest in attending a Succesful Goal Setting workshop with the Women on Boards office by emailing us or phone 02 4321 0100.

Please watch this short video with Dr Margaret Byrne outlining the benefits of this workshop. 


"This was the best workshop I have been to for many years. The learning, the pace, the content, th tools were all well thought out and brought together beautifully by Margaret". Liz McPherson, CHRO, Future Fund

"Really practical tips and hints that can be applied to building a goal plan" Nicole Brun, Executive Manager LBB Operations, Commonwealth Bank.

"Great way to think about things and understand how values, goals and will power connect". Monica Graham, Senior IT Business Partner, Origin Energy


Financial Literacy

Being able to understand the financial accounts of an organisation is an essential skill for board members. You don't need to be a numbers expert or to be deeply familiar with accounting standards and terminology but you do need to have a basic understanding of key elements of a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss / Income & Expenditure Statement, along with the confidence to ask questions on areas which are not clear or give you cause for concern.

If you want to truly understand the business you oversee, you need to speak the language of financial statements. What gets measured gets done, and what gets noticed gets actioned. 

This workshop will provide you with the tools to understand and speak the language of financial and commercial concepts:
  • Provide a framework for commercial and financial analysis
  • Enhance your ability to understand financial information
  • Identify commercial and financial “red flags”
  • Build the bridge between the Board and operational aspects of your business
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On Track for Success: Career Management Matters

On Track for Success operates on the basis to help women succeed with their career journey. It encourages critical thinking and thoughtful reflection about your past, including your roles, responsibilities, acquired skills, accomplishments, lessons learned, and the understanding of how you have evolved. It enables participants to fully articulate their goals for the future and leverage accumulated talents. It is practical, prudent, highly interactive, with the case studies and examples selected to suit the background and situation of those attending.

Suited for:
  • Women at earlier career stages, those who are 'stuck' and appear unable to move beyond a certain level
  • Women seeking to develop their career resilience ‐ for example around career breaks
  • Women who want to leverage their experience into adding value to the broader community via a board or committee

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"I really enjoyed the workshop and it challenged me to think outside the box!"

“Being in the company of effective and inspiring enablers reminded me that the best way to achieve confidence is through competence.” - May Taing (Systems Engineer – Aerospace)

“I enjoyed attending “On track for success” workshop. I personally found the session to be very beneficial. It gave me many great ideas and tools to assist me in my career.” – Laura Venditti-Taylor (Senior Financial Accountant – Corporate)