Member Only Events: How to manage your digital footprint
Date Wednesday, 28 July 2021
Time 28 Jul 17:00 - 28 Jul 18:00
Venue Zoom Virtual Online
Pricing Free Event
Guests Not Allowed
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WOBChat is an interactive fortnightly online session designed to fill the current void. We’ll provide a facilitated, friendly environment for members to meet, network, share and learn - online.


It will be a relaxed and informal session with an agile agenda around the following:

  • meet others in the network (with attendee details provided post WOBChat for you to follow up);
  • ask questions;
  • we’ll discuss topical issues driven by attendees around governance, the impacts of COVID-19 and board journeys;
  • meet special guests;
  • build your confidence; and
  • meet new members in other states. 

How to manage your digital footprint

Your digital footprint can significantly and positively impact your board and career prospects. 

Almost everyone has a digital footprint. Understanding an individual’s reputation, level of influence and their network is more complicated. Many recruiters and search firms look online for candidate information, knowing that it can illustrate your industry leadership, your network reach and how your online reputation aligns with your offline presence. Equally important as we shift into the digital age, an relevant digital presence can also help you connect with key parts of your company and industry, helping you to be better informed about  emerging issues and risks that impact effective governance.

Claire Braund, WOB Executive Director, will explore the impact of our digital footprint with guests, Fiona McLean and Leah Fricke. 


Fiona McLean - Change Agent | Executive Leader | Talent Optimiser

Fiona is an innovative, commercially savvy and strategic HR Executive who is passionate about aligning talent, business strategy and organisational culture to maximise business success and employee opportunity. Leveraging a deep understanding of relevant HR and talent capabilities,a passion for creative problem solving and delivering commercial outcomes with experience in Financial Services, Technology and Logistics industries across APAC, US and UK enables Fiona to deliver highly valued employee experiences that enhance and optimise profitability. Fiona is passionate about exploring new ways of working and ways to enhance the employee experience with emerging technology.

Leah Fricke - Independent NED/Chair Audit & Risk Committee | Presenter & Facilitator 

Leah is a non-executive director and has worked as a senior executive in both private and public companies including a number of listed companies. Leah’s current board portfolio includes organisations in health, technology, financial services, retail and infrastructure. Leah's experience in a diverse range of industries and with a number of boards during her executive career has provided her with valuable knowledge and insight to make her a highly effective board member.


This event is provided FREE OF CHARGE to Full, Premium & Corporate Members and Champions.

Event Logistics

  • WOBChat will be run through Zoom, which can be accessed through your PC/ Mac or phone.