Next Generation of Female Leaders

Next Generation of Female Leaders - Reinvented in 2021

The Next Generation of Female Leaders Program has been a flagship for WOB since 2011. It has graduated 278 women across the nine years - many of whom are now in C Suite roles or have gone onto a full-time portfolio or board career. Many are still members of and strongly connected with WOB. 

The program has followed the same format for nine years - 3 x 2 day sessions in Sydney and an external syndicate project, where close to 1,000 leaders from all sectors of the economy and society have been interviewed and more than 60 reports produced. An outstanding achievement. 

Thank you to our principal corporate partners, CBA and AON, who have enabled the program to be held. Also to the syndicate advisors and participants.

We are reviewing the program for 2021 and will be back with something just as exciting and rewarding.

Claire Braund - Executive Director, Women on Boards  

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