Build Boardroom Capability: ASX Boards - Not Out of Reach
Date Thursday, 29 April 2021
Time 29 Apr 13:00 - 29 Apr 14:00
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WOBSX is a director-led peer-to-peer support program developed in 2018 as a partnership between Women on Boards (WOB) and Dan Liszka at 99Strategies to assist women achieve ASX board roles. The specific aims of the program are for participants to:

  • improve understanding of the role and function of an ASX Director; 
  • better position themselves for roles in the sector;
  • and develop stronger networks with the ASX Director community. 

The aspirational goal of the program is that more than 25% of participants will have secured listed company ASX directorships within two years of completion. While it’s still a bit too early to track success, benefits described by the participants include:

  • Gaining and insight and connections with experienced NED’s outside of my existing networks
  • The opportunity to get to know an Amazing cohort of impressive and open women 
  • Interaction between participants and chair around the case studies
  • Encouragement support and friendship from cohort
  • Practical pointers on cv’s, recruiters and letters plus the ability to call someone to ask brief questions.
  • Getting honest feedback about how you are presenting yourself and learning from more experienced directors in a 'safe' environment
  • Opportunity to discuss issues and be inspired by experienced directors 
  • Learning that ASX boards are not out of reach
Find out more about how the WOBSX program would benefit you in this 60 minute webinar with program director, Dan Liszka. Hosted by WOB's Executive Director, Claire Braund, the webinar will explore how the practical frameworks and tools used in the WOBSX program can better position you for an ASX director career. 

Click here for further information about the program. If you have any questions please email angela@womenonboards.org.au

Dan Liszka - WOBsx Program Director

Dan is a long term WOB friend and supporter, business coach and mentor who leverages his significant advisory expertise and access to knowledge, networks and capital to the project. Dan has a background in equity capital raising with a strong focus on small companies and corporate innovation.