Build Boardroom Capability: Whistleblower Laws & Director's Duties
Date Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Time 14 Aug 17:30 - 14 Aug 20:00
Venue Bartier Perry Lawyers Level 10, 77 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW Australia
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Whistleblowers laws: How to handle a protected disclosure

New Federal whistleblower laws commenced on 1 July 2019. How will your organisation handle and manage protected disclosures? Now might be an opportune time to review the procuredure surrounding whistleblower disclosures in your organisation - particularly as a failure to act on a disclosure can result in the matter being reported to the media or Parliament with potential reputational damage.

While the poor handling of disclosures can result in a culture of silence and lost opportunities for improvement, sound management of a disclosure can result in a more ethical culture.  It can avoid reputational damage and prosecution for breach of the whistleblower laws. 

WOB Director, Mary Sue Rogers, brings us an engaging Director's Circle with law firm Bartier Perry and specialist presenter, James Mattson from Bartier Perry.

James Mattson, Partner & Workplace Specialist, Bartier Perry

James draws on over 20 years of employment and industrial law experience to provide advice and guidance that’s grounded in the real world. James views his relationship with clients as a partnership focused on delivering strong outcomes and positive productive workplaces. Employers rely on him for everything from acting as a sounding board on employment issues through to advising on complex, challenging and sensitive cases.

James helps management and HR apply holistic and lasting solutions to workplace issues. This includes advising them on navigating industrial disputes, dealing with complaints and grievances, managing difficult employees and resolving complex claims involving awards, agreements and employment contracts. He also often represents clients in court as an advocate in unfair dismissal, adverse action and discrimination claims.

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