Build Boardroom Capability

Clayton Utz Lunch Series

Sydney and Melbourne

One of our longest running corporate partnerships is with top tier law firm, Clayton Utz. We host Director Briefings with leading Non-Executive-Directors. These are excellent opporutnities to network with fellow directors who are members of, and external to, the WOB network at a small, boutique event with fewer than 50 people.  Topics vary, but usually encompass a short history of the speakers career and current challenges and opportunies in the sectors and organisations in which they serve as directors. 

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Mercer Lunch Series


The Mercer Lunch Series is an educative session for serving female Non Executive Directors. Speakers include chairs and Non Executive Directors and men and women serving in key leadership roles. A small event with fewer than 25 people, this lunch is a great way to connect with fellow WOB members and build other connections. 

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Directors' Circle


To celebrate the anniversary of our 10th birthday in 2016, Women on Boards launched a Sydney Directors' Circle. This initiative is for WOB members who are already serving as Non-Executive-Directors to take part in an informed, intelligent and confidential discussion at The Women's Club - the oldest club for women in NSW. Following a thought-provoking presentation by a guest speaker and table discussions, a broader conversation is facilitated.

About The Women's Club

The Women's Club was established in 1901 by Dr Mary Booth, physician and welfare worker, as a meeting place for women interested in public, professional, scientific and artistic work. The main activity was the establishment of Circles, modelled on the salons for which Vice-President and founder of the Womanhood Suffrage League, Rose Scott, became famous. The Circles provided opportunities for women’s education in social, political and aesthetic matters and remain the lifeblood of The Women's Club today. 

Our Boardroom Conversations are an opportunity for current and aspiring directors to hear from experienced Chairs, Non Executive Directors and men and women who advise and recruit for boards. The topics vary depending on the issues of the day and if we are focussing on any specific sector at the time. These events are usually small (up to 50 people) so there is ample time for questions and discussion, which the more intimate environment encourages.

Attendees will typically receive insights into the issues addressed and challenges faced at board level, learn what is involved in achieving boardroom positions and the requirements of working as a non-executive director.

Suited to

  • Current and aspiring directors in the WOB network.‚Äč
 WOB Boardroom Conversation learnings - watch these short YouTube videos
"The calibre of speakers is a tribute to what the team at WOB is doing to promote women into leadership positions." 

"This was a really great event tonight the panel speakers were all fabulous and the event was well put together with an excellent panel chair. It was good to come to an event again and am very proud of what Women on Boards is achieving."

Target your interest in sector specific boards

Women on Boards excels in development activities that involve enhancing skills, improving networks and assisting in applications for sector-specific boards.

The Marketplaces for Directors are an opportunity for members of Women on Boards to express their interest in directorship in one or more of the following four sectors:

The purpose of the marketplaces is to enable you to join a group of WOB subscribers who are suitably qualified for and/or interested in, sector specific boards. We will then work with you to:

  • Develop your understanding of the sectors
  • Improve your sector networks
  • Better target your professional skills and experience to boards in these sectors
  • Ensure your board CV and cover letters reflect their value-add
  • Actively assist you to apply for boards in their sectors.

Each marketplace will have a tailored list of activities, such as lunchtime webinars, information on the boards available, invitations to events, early advice of board vacancies and search assignments for your marketplace.

We encourage you to be a WOB Subscriber to register in a Marketplace as many activities will be for subscribers only.