Become Board Ready: Realising your board potential
Date Wednesday, 23 October 2019
Time 23 Oct 8:45 - 23 Oct 12:15
Venue Clayton Utz Riparian Plaza 71 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
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Do you have the skills and experience to contribute to a board, but don't know enough about the role or the recruitment process to position yourself to get there? Are you intrigued by the possibility of leveraging your skills to boards and giving back through directorship, but need to know how your experiences are transferable to the boardroom and where to access the roles. If this sounds like you, you will find this workshop full of great practical advice with lots of action points you can use to find a board role. 

Many of us are convinced that we have the skills and wisdom to contribute to the boardroom, but don't know enough about the role or the board recruitment process to position ourselves to get there. Others are intrigued by the possibility of having a real impact on society through directorship but need convincing that their experience is transferable to the boardroom, along with some insights into how to access the roles. If either of these sounds like you, you will enjoy this workshop and leave with a renewed commitment to finding a board role.

The workshop content has been developed over many years working to help hundreds of women take action to address their career challenges and aspirations. The topics covered include:

  • Managing your career and how to include a NED or trustee position
  • About directorship; the role, duties and legal responsibilities of directors
  • Directorship opportunities; market intelligence on board roles and how to apply
  • Doing yourself justice when applying for board roles.
The workshop is practical, strategic and interactive. Participants are engaged and supported by the Women on Boards team and encouraged to make use of the wider WOB "network of influence".

Suited to people:
  • Thinking about or already on a board
  • Seeking strategic and practical advice
  • Looking for an influential support network
  • Looking at long-term career options


Claire Braund: Executive Director, Women on Boards Australia & Non Executive Director, Women on Boards UK

Claire is a social entrepreneur who co-founded Women on Boards in 2006 and has been at the helm of the company ever since, growing it to 22,000 women across Australia from its head office in Gosford on the Central Coast.

Claire sits on the boards of both Women on Boards (WOB Pty Ltd) and its sister company in the United Kingdom, which she co-founded with Australian and British colleagues in 2012. She also serves on the board of the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music, which is the third largest in NSW, and formerly served on the not-for-profit board of the Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women and various incorporated bodies. She regularly works with organisations and aspirant directors seeking board roles.

A former journalist and public relations manager, Claire's expertise is in communications, marketing and advocacy which she has used to great effect to grow the Women on Boards business. She is a highly respected speaker on a range of topics including equity and diversity and is an informed and entertaining presenter and renowned networker.

In 2011 Claire became a Churchill Fellow for her research into gender balance on boards in Norway, France and the UK. She is also a graduate of the Benevolent Society’s Sydney Social Leadership Program.

Comments from past workshop participants: 

"I found this course particularly useful in that it gave insight with a hands up approach and focus on capacity of individuals that already exists. So many times courses in this field are given from a different cultural aspect which still leaves individuals trying to work out what their value add is with no idea of how to sell that."

"Practical, specific, actionable guidance on getting my first board role. I now have the basic knowledge to start applying for board roles. Also fantastic to meet several like-minded women on the course - what a wonderful network!"

"A wealth of valuable information that is not written anywhere - dynamic, interactive and supportive. I now have clear steps to take to commence my journey."