Become Board Ready: Effective Governance
Date Thursday, 10 October 2019
Time 10 Oct 17:30 - 10 Oct 20:00
Venue TBA Brisbane : Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
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Are you wanting to gain a better understanding of governance? Do you need a refresh on what good governance is and why it is important? 

Organisational governance practices are a constant part of board and management conversations – as an aspiring or current director you need to be able to take part in these conversations effectively and be able to identify and influence issues as they arise.

This module provides you with eight guidelines of good governance is and practical strategies on how you can apply these to your board or organisation. You will gain a deeper understanding of the critical role of the board in oversighting organisational performance against strategy, risk, compliance, culture and stakeholder engagement.  

You have been asked to join the board as a non-executive director. What information would you need to understand how the board and organisation operates?

Some or all of the following may apply…

  • The strategic or business plan, organisational values, organisational structure, key management personnel, explanation of jargon/acronyms and site description.
  • The constitution, shareholder or member agreements, registers maintained
  • Risk profile and management strategy
  • The last three board packs of minutes, agendas and briefing papers
  • How performance is monitored – reports against legislative/regulatory compliance, financial, culture, strategy
  • Financial statements – actuals and budgeted
  • Annual reports
  • Board information such as profiles of directors, the Chair, the Company Secretary and company officers/executives on the board, board role descriptions or statement of expectations of board members, the capability or skills mix of the board.
  • The board operating structure including subcommittees, terms of reference and membership of each subcommittee.
  • A policy manual containing relevant organisational policies including code of conduct, conflict of interest, risk, finance and audit, whistleblowers, privacy and expenses.
  • The insurance policies for directors.
  • A board calendar that maps out key deadlines and reporting requirements including those relevant to environment, regulatory, risk, financial, health and safety and organisational performance.

Guest Presenter: 

Anna Hebron, QLD Women on Boards Representative

Anna is a specialist consultant in governance and human resources and a trusted advisor and mentor. Following a career in local, state and Federal government, she is now an Appointed Member of the Appeals Tribunal, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a non-executive Director, Inala Primary Care. Anna holds strong business capability across human resources, corporate governance, ethical standards frameworks, health and safety, audit and risk, public policy, training and development, customer service, organisational change, multicultural affairs, business continuity planning and disaster preparedness.