Become Board Ready: Create a high quality, board ready CV
Date Monday, 11 May 2020
Time 11 May 13:00 - 11 May 17:00
Venue TBA Brisbane : Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
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Board CV Masterclass

Getting your Board CV right can be difficult and time-consuming, requiring considerable thought and focus. In fact, many people are still caught in the mindset of creating a Board CV that looks like a traditional resume for a corporate role instead of one that signals they are ready for the boardroom.

The key purpose of a Board CV is to get you from the long-list to the short-list and then to an interview. It is a tool to position your capability – telling those involved in the selection process what value you will bring to the specific Board or committee.

The Masterclass runs for four hours, is limited to 15 people and covers:
  • The structure and length of a Board CV
  • The Dos and Don’ts
  • How to show you can operate at director level
  • Mapping your board capabilities and point of difference
  • Applying the concepts to write your new capability-based Board CV
  • Using your Board CV to position the interview
  • What to show on your LinkedIn profile
  • Matching your WOB profile to your Board CV
At the end of the workshop you will have a first-draft of your Board CV ready to fine-tune and finalise. You will then book a 30 minute 1:1 follow-up review to ensure your Board CV is refined and is as professional as it needs to be.


Claire Braund

Claire Braund is the co-author of the many highly respected Women on Boards workshops and professional development programs. Along with fellow director, Ruth Medd, Claire has presented hundreds of workshops that lift the lid on the what, where and how to of getting onto a board.

A gifted speaker and presenter, Claire has the knack of getting to the essence of where attendees are at and their key 'selling points'.