Our Become Board Ready workshops are practical and strategically focussed to assist you to take action to achieve board and committee roles in the more immediate future or as part of your longer term career plan. Developed over many years by Women on Boards and informed by the experiences of many thousands of women who have attended our programs, our workshops are suited to current and aspiring female board members who are:

  • Considering how to best use their professional skills and experience on a board.
  • Seeking strategic and practical advice about how to 'give back' via a board or committee role.
  • Looking at directorship now or in longer term.
  • Transitioning to directorship or a 'portfolio career'.
  • Looking for an influential and supportive network of like minded travellers.

Become Board Ready Virtual Workshops

  1. Getting Started: Realising Your Board Potential
  2. Financial Literacy
  3. Build Your Board CV
  4. Marketplaces For Directors

1. Getting Started: Realising your Board Potential

2 x 1 hour virtual workshops

The first workshop in our pathways to directorship program outlines what it takes to be a director and strategies for including board work in your career. Develop your understanding of how directors operate in the boardroom and add value to a board, articulate your value proposition, grow your knowledge of the boardroom marketplace and build confidence to seek out board positions. 

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  • “It is the first workshop that I have been to where the facilitator is so genuine and really took the time to work with the participants. Many facilitators just 'go through the motions' whereas Claire was energetic, direct and positive. She was also very generous with her knowledge. Women on Boards is not only a professional organisation, but one that also represents excellent value for money in terms of both membership and workshop fees.”
  • "Practical, specific, actionable guidance on getting my first board role. I now have the basic knowledge to start applying for board roles. Also fantastic to meet several like-minded women on the course - what a wonderful network!"
  • "A wealth of valuable information that is not written anywhere - dynamic, interactive and supportive. I now have clear steps to take to commence my journey." 



2 hour workshop + 1 hour complimentary follow up webinar (workshop held virtually and face 2 face in capital cities if Covid restrictions allow)

If you want to truly understand the business you oversee, you need to speak the language of financial statements. You don't need to be a numbers expert or to be deeply familiar with accounting standards and terminology but you do need to have a basic understanding of key elements of a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss / Income & Expenditure Statement, along with the confidence to ask questions on areas which are not clear or give you cause for concern.

This workshop will provide you with the tools to understand and speak the language of financial and commercial concepts; enhance your ability to understand financial information, identify commercial and financial “red flags” and build the bridge between the Board and operational aspects of your business.

The workshop works through a case study, which is followed up by a webinar where you will continue to discuss financial literacy and cement what you have learnt.

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  • "Well worth it! I thoroughly enjoyed the financial literacy workshop. Mike and Anne-Maree did a great job compressing key concepts into an easy-to-digest format. Ignited my interest! Will definitely recommend WOB and your professional development opportunities to my network. Thanks again."
  • "I wanted to let you know that this course was excellent. Mike Hill and Janine Thompson were second to none in their delivery. They provided a lot of information and I especially enjoyed the “war stories” as these were very insightful."
  • "Content was outstanding and very informative. This was exactly the session I have been looking for. I now have a better understanding of the structure and meaning of financial statements, terminology and key warning signs.‚Äč"
Read Karen Oconnell Shea's workshop review


2.5 hour virtual workshop, homework and then a 1 hour virtual follow-up session to review progress.
+  option for final review with WOB Chair

An intensive workshop focusing on enabling you to develop a high quality, board-ready CV.  If you have the time and the mindset, building your own CV better enables you to express your capability and experience - clearly highlighting to those involved in the selection process the value you bring to a board or committee. 

A key outcome is to enable you to get onto the short-list, and ultimately to an interview, where you will be confident in speaking to (and expanding on) your CV. 

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  • “It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended due to the group being small and intimate and it being a really hands on workshop with practical, individually tailored advice being provided to every participant.”
  • “The workshop provided some wonderfully practical advice to get started as well as a clear set of follow up tasks to get me moving. Very worthwhile.”



Sign up to one or more of our 'marketplaces for directors' lists, then take one of our workshops covering the nuances and specific responsibilities of boards and committees in the following sectors: Not-for-Profit & Government, Superannuation & Financial Services, Startups & ESICS and Sport. Receive information, advice and useful tips on your chosen sector. You will come away with a clear actionable plan for targeting and achieving a board position within a set timeframe.

We recommend that to sign up for a marketplace that you have completed our Getting Started - Realising your Board Potential workshop and be actively seeking board roles.

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Therese Ryan, Director discusses the benefits of Not for Profit and Government board positions as well as in Committee roles.

  • "Many thanks again for the great workshop on Friday – I picked up a lot of tips, and met a great, talented group of women!"
  • "Very practical, accessible, grounded in a realistic understanding of how board membership happens".