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The WOB Vacancy Board has a wide range of board and committee roles across the public listed, private, government and community sectors.  From community organisations looking for mid-career professionals with no prior board experience, to established companies seeking Chairs and everything in between, the  vacancy board is constantly refreshed with great new board and committee roles.

Vacancies are put up by organisations and also expertly curated from a wide range of websites and vacancy posting sites by WOB. Every vacancy is reviewed before being approved and posted live on the website.  

The Vacancy Board is available to our Full, Premium and Corporate members, reflecting the time and care taken in maintaining and curating the vacancies. Not a member? Click Here to Join.

Advertise your board or committee vacancy to the skilled and experienced members of the Women on Boards network. Basic (free), Standard or Premium plans available. 

Great range of board and committee roles on the WOB Vacancy board. You need to be a Full, Premium or Corporate Member to access these roles.

SNAP board vacancy review

Ruth Medd's selection of interesting board and committee roles available on the WOB Vacancy Board.  Includes tips on what they might be seeking and how you could apply. 

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iSnap Emails Explained

with Ruth Medd, WOB Executive Chair

One of WOB’s key goals is to support members to access, apply for and ultimately achieve board and committee roles.  !Snap emails enable this process by bringing available roles that match your profile to your attention.  It’s our way of giving you a friendly poke to remind you that there are vacancies you should be applying for.


How did you match my profile and send me an !Snap email?

We match elements of your profile against various requirements of the Vacancy posting.  The more information you put into your My Profile, the better matches you will receive. Hint – we recommend you fill in any areas that have skills / experience in your board / committee roles and employment.

I have received more than one type of !Snap email?

There are two types of !Snap emails that you might receive:

  1. !Snap - you have been matched

This means the algorithm we run to match you has returned a score that suggests you are a match with the vacancy.  This means you match some or all of the criteria specified in the posting; including location.

Example 1
An aged care facility in Victoria was seeking a NED with experience / skills in the areas of Public Relations, Governance, Nursing, Property Development, Elder Care.  To be matched with this WOB vacancy you would need to have one or more of the skills and be a resident of Victoria.

You would be matched  providing you profile satisfies the cut-off score chosen by the algorithm and the WOB Chair (this is the human intervention element). The matching algorithm is adjusted depending on the vacancy and the potential number of candidates that may qualify.  

  1. !Snap  - you may be a match

In this case the algorithm has been set to attract a wider audience.

Example 2
State governments annually run a campaign for health board members. There are typically vacancies on many hospital boards. The selection criteria includes all of the skills required for all the boards as well as location. In this case the location attracts a higher ranking than skills as the !Snap is an alert to assist the government reach a large number of female candidates as well as make you aware of the vacancy.

How to improve my chances of being matched?

The best way is to update your My Profile to ensure your get ‘!Snap - you have been matched’ emails. WOB members who provide minimal information in My Profile will not get such good matches as those who do. The skills and experiences area in boards and committees are a key area. If you don’t have any boards, think about work or community related committees or working groups you have served on.

Comments from the network

"I find the Snap connections make me think outside the square at times, but never so far off the mark that I have been upset to receive them. I certainly don't think (or expect) that the Snaps are going to be a perfect match every time, but they are close enough to be of value and thoughtful consideration."

"I also wondered about matching …, but as I wandered around the website, I also found other bits and pieces that interested me.  It actually was helpful for me to look at all the Board positions being advertised..."

I just want to say a big thank you to you for setting up the system “Snap! You have been matched”. If it wasn’t for this I would have missed the Victorian Health Board opportunities. I am very pleased to be joining the board and I hope I can make a positive impact to the organisation and improve the health outcomes of the local community.

I recently renewed my WOB membership. Within a day of completing a new profile I received a SNAP notification. The position is ideal for me, so I invested some quality time over the weekend and have applied to Gymnastics Australia. Thank you for the great service. I do appreciate it.