WOB in the Media

Where did WOB appear in the media recently? What issues are founders, Claire Braund and Ruth Medd, keeping at the top of the news agenda to fulfill the WOB purpose of achieving 40 per cent women on boards, committees and in leadership roles by 2020.

Women going backwards at the top of corporate Australia

Claire Braund talks to Fiona Ellis-Jones on ABC News Radio about a new report that shows the number of female CEOs running Australia's largest companies went backwards last year, August 2019.

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Samuel clarifies controversial women 'director' club comments

Anthony Colangelo interviewed Claire Braund for the Fairfax news group, 29 March 2019

“The question that needs to be asked is are we judging the men and the women who hold the most ASX director rolls by different standards and are we holding them to a different level of accountability? And how many directorships at ASX level is too many?  ASX 200 to 500 companies need to take more risks on potentially unknown women who’ve taken non-traditional pathways to vying for directorships."

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Call for governments to set targets for funding start-ups led by women

Linda Mottram interviewed Claire Braund for ABC Radio PM Edition, 8 March 2019

Female-founded start-ups get a tiny share of other sources of funding like venture capital.  But advocates point to decades of evidence that women get impressive returns from less initial capital, and they are better than men at paying back loans. Claire Braund from Women on Boards Australia says governments must help close what she calls the gender investment gap.
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Women on boards: Are we making any progress?

Adam Courtenay interviewed Claire Braund and Ruth Medd for 'In The Black' (CPA Australia)
March 2019 edition
Co-founders of peak body Women on Boards Ruth Medd FCPA and Claire Braund say there has been vast improvement in the past decade. Go back to 2010 and the figure for the top 200 was 8.7 per cent; for every 10 board members, less than one was female.  In 2006, when Medd and Braund established WOB, statistics such as these were not routinely compiled. It is due in great part to their efforts that we now have the numbers that we do. It is also largely due to Medd and Braund that percentages have dramatically improved in the past eight years.

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