Why Join WOB?

A key difference of WOB is that we welcome people at all career ages and stages.
We seek to include anyone interested in, or already serving on boards
and committees in our ever-expanding global network.

Join a league of extraordinary women

The Women on Boards network is full of extraordinary women who operate under the principles of reciprocity, transparency and equity. This rich, varied and supportive network ensures WOB is unparalleled in its success in moving women into the boardroom.

Join us and we will work hard to give you the personal support needed to optimise your skills and experience for board roles. This includes how to include board roles in your career, build valuable and strategic connections and leverage your professional skills.

WOB focusses its support in four key areas:
1. Career & professional development
2. Skills for leadership
3. Board readiness
4. Building your board room capability

We do this through our high quality programs, events and services, all offered at sizable reductions to our members. 

In joining WOB for as little as $210 per annum you will further be rewarded by:

  • Access to leadership and development programs and opportunities.
  • Better ability to understand and talk to your transferable skills.
  • A template for a board-ready CV and knowledge of what you bring to the table.
  • A strategic framework for getting a board role - now and in the future.
  • Access to a wide range of board positions.
We also promise to inform, support, connect, mentor and encourage you in your directorship and career journey.

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