Using your WOB Dashboard

We appreciate not everyone might have a driving licence when it comes to a dashboard, so here are a few road rules for you all.

Q1 Why a Dashboard
A dashboard is really just a fancy name for a navigation panel. WOB has developed a dashboard on its website to give you access to information that you will hopefully find quite useful. Given how time poor we know you to be (because we all are) we thought this would be a cool way to navigate your way around – after all, it’s way more fun driving in a Lamborghini than a Holden. .

Q2 How do I access my Dashboard?
The best way to get to Dashboard is to Logon with your user id and password  and you will be transported to your WOB Dashboard - populated with information that is particular to you.

If you want to hide the dropdown dashboard just hover over it and click - it will disappear. The reason it's there is to show you what services are available to you.
Q3 What does it all mean?
There are six segments on your WOB dashboard:
  1. Your name and address. If you show as living in Melbourne and you have moved to Gularagambone, this is the TIME TO LET US KNOW!
  2. Your subscription status – are you subscribed to WOB? Or are you still a member and ‘thinking about it? Come on, for just $210 you can belong to the most transparent and equitable ‘'club in town’.
  3. Then we have three items to help you out  Like CV support, how to get a great gig in leadership and how to get your first board role. VERY IMPORTANT stuff to know.
  4. “View your Profile” appears to be small, but it’s really very big – because unless you tell us who you are we won’t know. So fill your profile out so we can HELP YOU.
  5. The best board and committee vacancies that fit your profile – remember item 4? If you have not identified your profile then you will not get a best fit set of boards. So please selct a profile.  We can then SNAP! and match you to some great board and committee roles. .
  6. Last, but not least, we have events you might want to (or really should) attend. Who knows, you might learn something or have a really great time, because at WOB we look after you!
 Q4 How does the matching work
This is seriously secret women’s business, but we are prepared to give you a ‘high level overview’. You know, the kind of one where you feel you know, but nobody really tells you much. The basic fact you all need to know is that Ruth Medd, WOB co-founder, is a mathrs graduate. This should give you a clue that she LOVES algorithms and tricky applications that the rest of us don’t really understand. So, not to give anything away, we use the information in your Profile and then apply the rules that we have developed. If you want to know more contact the resident algorithm mistress and she might (or might not) tell you.
Q5 How do I get the most out of Dashboard
To get the most out of Dashboard we recommend that you:
  • Update your profile (mentioned above)
  • Use the Dropdown dashboard to see the full range of services your subscription level offers and upgrade at every available opportunity.
Any issues at all – however small – please Contact Us