Corporate Talent Pipeline

Want to know how WOB can help your organisation build a strong pipeline of female leaders and ensure more get to the C-Suite?

Women on Boards UK work with individuals within companies who are trying to navigate a successful path to directorship. We run in-house career and leadership workshops for organisations as diverse as PwC, Linklaters, Scottish Water and Carillion plc.

For our corporate members we typically run in-house workshops for 20-30 employees. Our three most popular workshops are:

  1. On Track for Success - managing your career and how taking on one board role can accelerate success (Workshop Profile PDF)
  2. Managing your Career - career planning and resilience, networking and influence (Workshop Profile PDF)
  3. Getting Started, realising your board potential - The why, what and how of the boardroom (Workshop Profile PDF)
In addition to the above we also run an executive leadership programme called - Getting to the C-Suite.  This 6 month programme, of half-day modules, is designed for senior executives around the must-have C-suite skills, that research shows top recruiters are looking for. This is a state-of-the-art programme which will help women and men step forward with confidence to make effective C-Suite and Boardroom decisions as a leader not manager.  To deliver this executive leadership programme Women on Boards (WOB UK) is partnering with UGM Consulting and Broadreach. For more information click here.

The Getting to the C-Suite half-day modules are;

  • Leading Strategically 
  • Leading Change 
  • Leading Purposefully 
  • Leading Effectively
  • Leading Collaboratively
  • C-Suite Challenge.
The Getting to the C-Suite programme includes not only the latest leading-edge research on leadership, but also gives participants practical tools that they can put to use immediately in their executive role in a way that is focused and will have impact. As business models become obsolete more rapidly, the war for talent intensifies and change becomes a constant, C-suite executives need new frameworks and competencies to chart a path through this change. This programme is not just about leadership but the language you need to sell yourself into stretch leadership positions or to make it to the boardroom as an executive or a non-executive. Leaders are there to make effective decisions and to lead in a purposeful and collaborative way that brings the whole organisation with them.
Additionally do listen to the following videos below:



The Benefits of Corporate Membership

WOB corporate membership also gives corporate employees access to personal advice on understanding their boardroom-relevant skills and access to WOB's events and support. This includes; Boardroom InsightsMasterclasses, Mentors, the WOB Vacancy Board – and access to our board connections.

We believe supporting employees to see their current role in the context of a broader career strategy and giving them the opportunity to add an outside committee role or trusteeship to provide variety and a new challenge, can increase job satisfaction whilst building skills, strategic understanding and industry networks.

For organisations that do not want an in-house workshop but would still like to be a corporate member of WOB UK please contact us for further information.

For more about our Corporate Membership offering, please click here.  You can also see our current UK corporate members on this page.

To be sent more information about corporate membership please email Ancia Cronje who is our Corporate Members Director