Voice for Women

Women on Boards in the UK is conducting advocacy on several issues affecting women and leadership:

  1. We are encouraging organisations to know their gender participation data and to set measurable targets where diversity is lacking
  2. We are challenging the UK government to commit to mandatory gender targets for the boards of Public Bodies. See our 40:40:20 campaign.
  3. We are adding our voice to the debate around the gender pay gap and encouraging organisations to understand their pay differentials and to report their results and any planned actions in this area.

The stereotypes embedded in the culture of most organisations, and in society more generally, are not inclusive. Our advocacy aims to raise awareness of the invisible barriers these stereotypes present for "outsiders" (however defined) and to propose steps to facilitate change.

Listen to Claire Ward talk about why she supports WOB:


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

WOB UK support the government's Gender Pay Gap Reporting initiative and STAFFMETRIX who analyse, monthly, who is reporting what. For STAFFMETRIX's latest report and our comment please click on the link above.

BEIS Corporate Governance Enquiry 2016

Rowena Ironside, Chair of WOB UK gives oral evidence to the Committee on corporate governance.

40:40:20 Campaign

80% of WOB members support gender targets for Public Sector Boards and Committees. If its good enough for the private sector why not public bodies?

Gender Balance in Global Sport

Completed in the run-up to the 2016 Olympic Games in  Rio, this report by Women on Boards into the gender metrics in global sport found the performance of most organisations below par when it comes to women on their boards and the gender pay gap.