Mentors are critical to career and boardroom success.
They act as a sounding board to enable you to develop
a more structured approach to achieving your goals and dreams.

The Women on Boards mentoring program (My Mentor) has been in place since 2010. It is offered to our individual, global and corporate subscribers and organisations seeking an in-house program to support their employees in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.  While primarily aimed towards, and accessed by, women, the program is also available to men. 


About the mentors

Women on Boards has engaged more than 35 highly experienced men and women who are able guide and support mentees across all career levels to develop a thoughtful approach to planning and achieving their goals. They are all well-known to WOB, support our work and have a strong desire to share their knowledge, skills and experience to enable others to realise their career potential in leadership and director roles. 

Read some of our mentor biographies.

Why you might need a mentor?

  • Is your career progressing according to a plan?
  • Would helping you to improve your chances of setting and achieving your goals - current and future - be of value?
  • Do you need additional support returning to the paid workforce after a career break?
  • Are your networks and connections working for you?
  • Should you be developing or refocusing your skill set towards your next leadership and/or board role?
  • Are your CV and professional pitch targetted to the role or position you are seeking?

Areas for mentoring

Women on Boards adheres to the principle that there is no one-size-fits all approach in mentoring, with each partnership carefully matched and the approach tailored to the specific needs of each mentee. WOB offers many options in My Mentor; career development, boards on the horizon (but maybe a couple of years away), director ready now, seeking more high profile boards or a hybrid set of objectives combining elements explored under each of the options mentioned.


The mentoring program is only open to Women on Boards Subscribers. Click here to subscribe. The cost of the mentoring program itself is $2,200 for five sessions with your assigned mentor plus an introductory session with the program manager, Sheena Wilson. Women on Boards mentoring can be undertaken face-to-face, by telephone or other form of telecommunications.


What you will receive when you enrol in the my mentor program?

An introductory session (usually by telephone) with Sheena Wilson, the My Mentor program manager, to discuss your goals for the program and assist her to match you with an appropriate mentor.

  • An agreement outlining objectives for the mentoring engagement signed off by both the mentee and mentor.
  • Five one-hour face-to-face, phone or skype sessions with your assigned mentor.
  • The option to move to a different mentor for the remaining sessions if a 'fit' is not realised at the first session.
  • Tracking of progress and accumulation of feedback online.
  • An opportunity to purchase additional mentoring sessions in packages of three or six one hour sessions.

Program Evaluation

Mentees and mentors are encouraged to provide feedback via the online form at the conclusion of the sessions. During the  program the program manager keeps in touch with your progress via your mentor.  Mentees may additionally contact the program manager if they have any concerns or queries about the program.

All sessions are expected to be completed in 6-8 months. The program will be deemed completed at the expiration of 9 months from the first session unless specific clearance has been given by WOB.


Registration Support: Angela Bowen on 02 4321 0100 or email: angela@womenonboards.org.au
Program Information: Sheena Wilson, Mentor Manager email: mymentor@womenonboards.org.au

Price : $ 2420