Career Development

Career Development

The 7 Reasons Directorship is a 'Career Winner'

Adding a board appointment of directorship to your CV is a sure way of drawing attention and validating your capabilities whilst catapulting your career up the ladder of success. This article gives you the arguments to convince your boss why they should let you make the time to do this. 

Win Like Winx

Mighty racing mare,Winx, might appear to be the fastest and best, but that is because she takes the lead and is the first past the post.
By Dr Judith Chapman, November 2017

You are a leader - invent yourself

If women are to take their rightful place in the board rooms of Australia’s top companies, they must persist in their leadership ambitions and make their way to the C suite and beyond. Too many of us bail out early, or settle for directorships when we could aspire to the role of Chair.
By Dr Judith Chapman, September 2016

Delegate? I haven't the time!

Delegation is often framed as the panacea to the age-old problem of insufficient time to get everything done. It sounds easy enough – hand chunks of work to team members, then sit back and do what you were hired to do – the thinking.
By Dr Judith Chapman, July 2016

Choosing your first board

This article has been written to help you identify, and apply for, your first board. By Ruth Medd