Become Board Ready

How we can help you?

Each of you will have different needs. As a starter for all Women on Boards members interested in boards we recommend you:
  • Attend an information evening or other networking event
  • Enrol in our Getting Started workshop
  • Consider a mentor or coach
  • Make a start on your board CV using My Profile facility on our website



Access to high quality articles to support your career in the boardroom. Includes how to write a board-ready CV and cover-letter and what to consider when applying for NED roles.  

Board CV Development

Women on Boards works with a small often boutique range of small companies or individuals who provide niche services in areas we have identified as important to Women on Boards subscribers. We will only refer and recommend people and companies with whom we work or have seen in action at a course or event.

‚ÄčOur most popular request is for personal assistance with your CV.