Personal Development Workshops


To support our leadership and board-related programs, Women on Boards offers a range of personal development workshops with carefully selected external providers. 

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Goal Setting

Start the year the way you mean to continue with our popular Goal Setting workshop. Provided in partnership with UGM Consulting, this workshop will enable you to set and achieve your goals with this tried and tested program  in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in February 2017

Goal Setting is a unique opportunity to experience a day-long, group coaching session with a highly experienced executive coach. You’ll learn the latest ideas about well-being and success and how to apply these step-by-step to create your own personal plan for the year ahead. You will also be supported for nine (9) months following the workshop to ensure you get your goals over the line.

As this UGM briefing note tells us, a focus on meaning and purpose is what will get you through tough times and challenges. It’s this focus that delivers an overall sense of satisfaction, persisting beyond those fleeting moments of happiness. In the WOB/UGM goal setting programs, through a series of thought-provoking exercises, participants get a chance to consider what gives them a sense of purpose, both personally and professionally.

For some people, it can be the first time they’ve had the chance to think about their lives and their careers in this more strategic way. At first, people can imagine that identifying purpose and meaning must be about some lofty goal. But purpose, for each person, has to be linked to context. What’s your situation? What are the current circumstances of your life? Thinking about your life as a whole, do you feel that what you do and how you live is worthwhile?

Suited to: People seeking to learn how to develop and implement a plan to set and achieve goals 

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“Very worthwhile. Something that’s not only good for you, but those around you will feel the benefits too, both in your business and personal life.” Sue Dunlop – Managing Director, RNS Nursing

“This was the best workshop I have been to for many years. The learning, the pace, the content, the tools were all well thought out and brought together beautifully by Margaret.” Liz McPherson–Chro, Future Fund

“Great way to think about things and understand how values, goals and willpower connect.” Monica Graham – Senior IT Business Partner, Origin Energy

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Words | Voice | Actions

Developed by Mariette Rups-Donnelly of Powerhouse Presentation, this workshop goes to the core of presence, presentation skills and business performance.

WHAT you say: The words you choose, provide emotional context and meaning to your message.

HOW you say it: The way you use your voice and body to deliver the message, creates engagement and emotional connection. And it is through this emotional connection that action is taken and change is made.

Too often presentations are confused by mixed messages and unconscious contradictions in vocal energy, vocal tone, actions, gesture and body language. Audiences hear, see and interpret messages at the same time, so it is important to be congruent and consistent in your words, voice and actions.

Suited to: All women wanting to hone their effectiveness in relation to their presence, presentation skills and business.

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“Seeing a trained actor at 'play' was fantastic as the angle to improving presentation technique took on a far wider range of options and improvements than other previous courses I have attended.”

“The depth of Mariette's knowledge and experience was palpable.”

"Very good program that clearly identifies steps on how to influence others and what you need to think about /prepare for, before you have the conversation/ meeting."

Wired for influence

Designed by UGM Consulting to sharpen your personal influencing for success. Become a positive and effective influencer and see how it positively impacts on your organisational performance.

Suited to: Women wishing to increase their confidence by maximising their influencing skills to leverage their overall business success.

“Good for people who think they aren’t very good at influencing, as well as a refresher for those who are more confident.” Penny Webb-Smart, Head of Domestic Payables & Receivables, Commonwealth Bank. 

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“I highly recommend it. I think women and men at all levels of the organisational hierarchy could benefit from this session.”

"Inspiring. Like the practical and theory intertwined. Very well done. Well referenced."

"High quality, evidence-based learning that also develops networking in a convivial environment."

"Very good program that clearly identifies steps on how to influence others and what you need to think about /prepare for, before you have the conversation/ meeting."

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