Marketplaces for Directors

Target your interest in boards in the Government, Innovation, Superannuation & Sports sectors

Women on Boards excels in development activities that involve enhancing skills, improving networks and assisting in applications for sector-specific boards.  
The Marketplaces for Directors are an opportunity for members of Women on Boards to express their interest in directorship in one or more of the following four sectors:

The purpose of the marketplaces is to enable you to join a group of WOB subscribers who are suitably qualified for and/or interested in, sector specific boards. We will then work with you to:

  • Develop your understanding of the sectors
  • Improve your sector networks
  • Better target your professional skills and experience to boards in these sectors
  • Ensure your board CV and cover letters reflect their value-add
  • Actively assist you to apply for boards in their sectors.

Each marketplace will have a tailored list of activities, such as lunchtime webinars, information on the boards available, invitations to events, early advice of board vacancies and search assignments for your marketplace.

We encourage you to be a WOB Subscriber to register in a Marketplace as many activities will be for subscribers only.