Getting to the C-Suite

Getting to the C Suite

A practical, leading edge program for women seeking senior and executive roles

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As the pace of globalisation and technological change quickens, organisations need leaders with the skills and confidence to deal with a Volataile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. As change becomes constant, the war for talent intensifies. Senior leaders and top executives need new frameworks and competencies to chart a path through this change and to lead in a way that brings the whole organisation with them.

This new and unique program has distilled the must-have C-suite skills that research shows the best companies are seeking in their people. Provided in Australia as a partnership between Women on Boards (WOB) and UGM Consulting, Getting to the C-Suite helps you curate and frame the experience, knowledge and skills that you will need to showcase in your bid for a top level role. Specifically, you will gain knowledge on how to lead strategically, collaboratively, transformationally, effectively, purposefully and in the final module, your C-Suite readiness will be challenged.

The program was crafted by the UGM team from decades of experience working with senior executives and encompasses the latest research into the “skills gaps” that prevent more women from reaching the very top of corporations. Whilst none of the content is gender specific, the current dearth of women in the top ranks of organisations in all sectors was the inspiration to bring this powerful, results-oriented program into WOB.

This program is suited to:

  • Women needing tangible tools, tips and strategies to their next big role change.
  • Those seeking senior roles (now and in the future).
  • Women already in senior leadership roles and looking to gain additional skills



2017 Dates and Times

The program will run for six half-days in Sydney between May and November and feature three webinars in between sessions on the following dates:

Session One

Wednesday 24th May 1pm - 5pm: Leading Strategically
Thursday 25th May 9am - 1pm: Leading Transformationally
Wednesday 12th July 12 - 1pm: Webinar 1

Session Two

Wednesday 23rd August 1pm - 5pm: Leading Effectively
Thursday 24th August 9am - 1pm: Leading Purposefully 
 Wednesday 4th October 12 - 1pm: Webinar 2

Session Three

Wednesday 15th November 1pm - 5pm: Leading Collaboratively
Thursday 16th November 9am - 1pm: C-Suite readiness challenge
TBC: Webinar 3

Research shows us that well-crafted post-training follow up increases the chance of skills transfer. It also improves the likelihood that a larger percentage of your learning will be retained into the future. So Getting to the C-Suite is not a once-and-done approach. In addition to the three webinars, you will be supported after each module in the following ways: 

  • monthly emails stimulating thoughts and ideas, and
  • e-learning alerts for help with mental storage and easy retrieval of the concepts learned.

program Fees

  • $4,400 individual and global subscribers, corporate subscribers
  • $5,700 non-subscribers 

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