Career Development Workshops

Our career development workshops are designed to assist you to manage your career to the highest level. Offering strategic, tangible insights, tips and tools that you can use going forward on a sustainable basis to help you succeed in your career journey.

On Track for Success: Career Management Matters

On Track for Success operates on the basis to help women succeed with their career journey.
It encourages critical thinking and thoughtful reflection about your past, including your roles, responsibilities, acquired skills, accomplishments, lessons learned, and the understanding of how you have evolved. It enables participants to fully articulate their goals for the future and leverage accumulated talents. It is practical, prudent, highly interactive, with the case studies and examples selected to suit the background and situation of those attending.

Suited for:
  • Women at earlier career stages, those who are 'stuck' and appear unable to move beyond a certain level.
  • Women seeking to develop their career resilience ‐ for example around career breaks.
  • Women who want to leverage their experience into adding value to the broader community via a board or committee.
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"I really enjoyed the workshop and it challenged me to think outside the box!"
“Being in the company of effective and inspiring enablers reminded me that the best way to achieve confidence is through competence.” - May Taing (Systems Engineer – Aerospace)

“I enjoyed attending “On track for success” workshop. I personally found the session to be very beneficial. It gave me many great ideas and tools to assist me in my career.” – Laura Venditti-Taylor (Senior Financial Accountant – Corporate)

Brand You: Pitching for success

Learn how to maximise your personal brand by pitching deliberately and succinctly with a range of practical tools and insights for what really matters when others evaluate you and your performance. You may have had some prior communication skills training, however this course is designed to explore in more depth the business of having impact and influence. 

Suited for: 
  • Anyone wanting to maximise their capacity and confidence to present and pitch at executive management and/or board level.
  • Wanting to gain strategies to make more effective contributions in meetings and presentations.
"I found this course particularly useful in that it gave insight with a hands-up approach and focus on capacity of individuals that already exists. So many times courses in this field are given from a different cultural aspect which still leaves individuals trying to work out what their value add is with no idea of how to sell that."

"Claire has a wealth of knowledge that was shared openly and with honesty; she also had a good sense of humour which made the workshop enjoyable."

"A great workshop which I can highly recommend to others interested in preparing for Board positions."

“I found the coordinator's extensive insight and generous advice to the group, together with the specific advice tailored to us as individual professionals to be most beneficial, and felt well equipped following the session to put the various lessons learned into practice.”