Who We Are

Women on Boards (WOB) is an independent and action-oriented social enterprise with
a proud history of supporting women to leverage their professional skills and experience
into non-executive-director and other board level roles.

We offer programs and services to our 35,000 members in Australia and the UK
and have a growing global footprint through connections across 85 countries.

Independent and action-oriented

Women on Boards operates from the principle that talent is equally divided between men and women in the world. Organisations should therefore work towards a minimum gender balance of 40:40:20 at board and leadership levels in order to reach their full potential.

Targets are essential and quotas will sometimes be necessary to achieve these numbers anytime in the near future.

Transparency in recruitment and selection processes along with improved corporate governance regimes are critical to ensuring larger numbers of women are on the radar of those making appointments.

We have been working for more than 10 years to address gender inequities in the boardroom and beyond and are a recognised leader in a growing ecosystem of organisations and networks promoting and supporting women in decision making roles.

As strong advocates for women, WOB works across organisations and sectors and with Government on a meaningful and strategic policy and cultural change agenda for equity.

MME_Brighton-Hall_Rhonda-(1).jpg"I appreciate the work you do. You've done so well for so long.
One of the really impactful constants in a sea of imitative de jour.”

Rhonda Brighton-Hall, Director of the Australian Human Resource Institute,
HR Leader of the Year and Telstra Business Woman of the Year,
former head of culture, diversity, talent, leadership and learning at Commonwealth Bank of Australia