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WOB: A great network

28 Apr 2017

Women on Boards is a global network of some 40,000+ women who largely work on the principle of reciprocity. We work to underpin this approach with a wide range of development offerings.

Making a Difference

28 Apr 2017

Today WOB attended the Lifeline Steel Magnolia Awards on the NSW Central Coast. Six finalists in an award that recognises a woman who overcame, who lifted herself up and who did something for others.

A matter of governance

21 Apr 2017

Not for Profit organisations range from small bodies or local service providers in areas such as disability and transport, to significant enterprises registered as unlisted companies limited by guarantee, such as CPA Australia (CPAA). 

Start-up for flexibility

21 Apr 2017

It is always useful to remind myself that Women on Boards was once a start-up. An idea that had its genesis back in 2001, tested the market until 2005 and formed in 2006. At the time Ruth and I founded WOB, I had an eight month old daugther, was working from our first (tiny) home on the Central Coast of NSW and thinking how, at 35 years of age, I might seek to make a difference for women.

What you know not what you do

07 Apr 2017

Some of you may have seen that the Minister for Communications has announced the demise of the Catalyst Australian Arts and Culture Fund.

‘The Government has announced that the majority of funds from Catalyst will be transferred to the Australia Council from 1 July 2017.’

First my declaration. Your scribe is an independent assessor for this program. And it’s a (tiny $) paid gig.

The background is that a previous Minister for the Arts carved out some funding for projects not typically funded by the Australia Council; the established federal government funding body for the arts.  

The Hay Times

07 Apr 2017

There is no doubt that being born of the land gives you a tenacity that stands you in good stead throughout your life. I was reminded of this again on two occasions this week; at the 2017 NSW Rural Women's Award gala dinner at Parliament House and, in an address I gave to the Sydney Hills Business Chamber.

Shining a light on boards for under 35s

31 Mar 2017

You may have noticed WOB has an ever-increasing number of board and committee positions available. As of 31 March 2017 there are 70 current vacancies. To date we have received 250 positions posted since 1 January 2017 - many with multiple positions available.

George unlikely to get #nakedforchange

31 Mar 2017

This week I noticed a few amusing news items come across my desk. BKindred founder, Penny Locaso, delivered a keynote presentation in a swimsuit, George Brandis told Parliament that being called a white man" was “deeply offensive and insulting" and a UK national newspaper asked readers whether the British or Scottish Prime Minister had better legs?

Quotas for Australian Honours

24 Mar 2017

Being awarded an Australian Honour is highly regarded and signals your contribution to your profession, industry or cause. As is the case on governing bodies, women are under-represented in the Australian Honours awarded on the occasions of Australia Day and Queen's Birthday. 

Women up in lights

24 Mar 2017

Do you think the move to include female pedestrian signals is a positive addition to the City of Melbourne?

BDI Strategy and Tactics

17 Mar 2017

International Women's Day is now behind us and we there are some items worthy of note.

  • Gear up Girls was a great success, organised by the very capable crew at Bicycle NSW, who as it happens are seeking a board member (ID4834). 
  • The winner of the 2017 TAP Gallery IWD art prize was Debbie Nankervis with her work titled Sister Cities. WOB previously sponsored this prize and I have taken this on personally.
  • The AFR BOSS article of 6th March 2017 which featured an interview with Ruth and Claire received many compliments. Thank you.

Dead men and the 'Daughters of Henry Wong'

10 Mar 2017

International Women’s Day is all about us as women. So make sure everyone notices.  Women on Boards has been doing its bit – Claire in the OzHarvest CEO Cookoff, Ruth taking part in the Gear up Girls bike ride and donating to the TAP Gallery IWD Art Prize.

We Are Women

10 Mar 2017

Had another coffee this week with my male friend - he from my previous article 'Coffee chats in the diverse, digital and dichotomous world of 2016' about International Women's Day. He told me that he listened to the radio until 12noon on Wednesday 8 March and then had to turn it off as it all 'became a bit much.' What became a bit much you may ask?

Safety First

02 Mar 2017

WOB believes that there is a board for everyone at all stages of your career journey. So don’t be hesitant in applying for a role. WOB is here to help!

Stop Fixing Women

02 Mar 2017

The title of Catherine Fox's latest book is meant to be as provocative as it reads. For too long we have focussed on blaming women rather than shifting the system.

  • A system built and designed by white anglo-saxon men to benefit white anglo saxon men.
  • A system that normalises white anglo-saxon male behaviours across government, business and society.
  • A system that says because we legislate for equality we will get equity.
​Catherine's new book looks at why the system needs to flex to accommodate differences between men and women and the way they work and lead. Rather than endlessly work on the women to adapt to and benefit from a system we had little hand in creating.

Gear up Girl 2017

24 Feb 2017

Yours truly was delighted to be invited to become an ambassador for the 2017 Gear up Girl, the annual community bike ride of Bicycle NSW and the Heart Foundation. 

‘The ride shows off some of Sydney’s most spectacular separated cycle ways. Starting at Sydney Olympic Park and finishing in a festival atmosphere at Cronulla Beach. With 20km, 40km and 60km options; there is a ride to suit you and all your friends.’

​A League of Extraordinary Women

24 Feb 2017

This week I was in Brisbane presenting one of our 'get to know WOB information evenings.' Another great crowd of professional, skilled and diverse women with so much to offer our organisations. Just like the women in Sydney and Melbourne last week - and so it goes, in every city, every year. 

Be Prepared

23 Feb 2017

Weekly postings of board vacancies are tracking upwards as organisations emerge from the holiday period. To date, some 90 new boards and committees have been listed with WOB. Many of these offer multiple board seats. This week NSW government vacancies have returned. 

More on Government Boards

17 Feb 2017

This column has previously canvassed the desirability of including a government board in your portfolio of career activities.

Take care not to legitimise bias

17 Feb 2017

The news today that the Law Council of Australia will roll out a program of unconscious bias training for barristers and law firms, raises more questions than it answers. Universally acclaimed as the new thing in training three or four years ago, there is little evidence to show this approach has reduced the outcome of biases in the workplace - for example, closing the gender pay gap or leading to a significant improvement in the number of women in top leadership roles.

Beyond Boards and CVs

10 Feb 2017

WOB is a movement for change. It has been this since the original idea was broached. We went where others did not tread. We are enthusiastically ‘on the job’ after 10 years.   

Women's rights - not as safe as we assume.

10 Feb 2017

We often assume that women's rights, like wine, will mature and improve over time. The truth is that both are influenced by many factors and require significant effort, commitment and financial investment to achieve and maintain.

Focus on Government Boards

03 Feb 2017

Women on Boards has a track record of working with Governments who are actively seeking to increase the representation of females on their boards and committees. We also lobby others who should be doing more - Western Australia comes to mind.

It's the little things that count

03 Feb 2017

It has been something of a rough start to the year. From the tragedy in Melbourne to Trump's executive orders on abortion, refugees and trade, it seems hard to make sense of the world we live in at the moment.

On the shoulders of others

09 Dec 2016

Occasional address by Claire Braund at the 121st Speech Day of the New England Girls’ School, Armidale NSW on 7th December 2016.

The Crocodile Times

09 Dec 2016

​Your scribe continues to visit hot climes. This past week it’s been Mission Beach, Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands.  All at 35 degrees but with little wind, unlike the biking expedition in South Australia in November.

Growing Number of Not For Profits Pay Directors

02 Dec 2016

The annual survey of the positions posted with Women on Boards 2016 has found that close to 20 per cent of the Not For Profit entities pay director fees
The survey of positions posted from 1 January until the end of November 2016, found that of the board vacancies posted on our website in the categories of Charity/NFP; Foundation / Trust and Sporting Body in 2016:

Leadership skills: Now and for the future

02 Dec 2016

We came to the end of our 'Leadership in Focus' series at WOB this week. The public interface of our highly successful Next Generation of Corporate Female Leaders program, the series gives voice to the reports and presentations on leadership that each syndicate is required to produce.

Coffee chats in the diverse, digital and dichotomous world of 2016

25 Nov 2016

I have an interesting and ongoing conversation with a male friend of mine about older white men being increasingly marginalised by the rise of feminine power in Australia and the wider world. As all of our work at WOB is focussed on building the capacity of women to lead and affect change, it made me reflect on our purpose and if we need to talk about the elephants in the room. Men!

Action needed on world class dataset

18 Nov 2016

Australia has a first in class dataset on gendered workforce employment.  To give you a sense of the scale of this dataset, in 2016 more than 12,000 employers provided a gendered break down of their workforce of more than four million employees. That's a lot of numbers to be crunched by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) which this week released its third Gender Equality Scorecard

Pathway to success with WOB

18 Nov 2016

There are many pathways to the boardroom and some of them are longer and more circuitous than others. Few aspirant non-executive-directors (male or female) will leave a role and leap onto boards in short order. Many hedge their bets, starting earlier in their career by combining boards with executive roles or establishing a portfolio career of boards plus consultancy/advisory activities. 

US accepts a flawed man, but not a flawed woman

11 Nov 2016

The world's top job once again goes to a white anglo-saxon man. This time it also goes to a man who has a history of treating women like something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe. A man who has bragged about "grabbing women by the pussy" and said we should be "punished for having abortions."

The tough job of being a female CEO

04 Nov 2016

Are female CEOs and political leaders more likely to be handed a poisoned chalice and then their gender used to blame them when they fail?

Ruth's Review

04 Nov 2016

For this edition of Ruth’s Review we not only provide the usual vacancies to watch but also mention a new innovation.  A WOB subscriber who is a Non Executive Director of the Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women has advised us that this long standing Not-For-Profit wishes to disperse funds prior to winding up. In other words WOB through its network is now providing project funding. It’s a great idea – tap into the WOB network for innovative ideas and leverage.

An option for improving Australia's Paid Parental Leave scheme that doesn't attack 'double dippers'

28 Oct 2016

The Coalition Government is pushing legislation through the Senate to end "double dipping" by new mothers who receive paid maternity leave from their employers as well as from the government through the Paid Parental Leave scheme, with the changes to potentially take effect as early as January 2017.

The move has come up against significant public backlash, with the Opposition predicting around 80,000 new mothers could lose up to $12,000 in such payments every year, including thousands who are already pregnant.

Earlier this week Women's Agenda published a proposal WOB took to the Federal Government on paid parental leave in 2015. WOB believes it's a solution that's fairer across the long term and will ultimately provide more mothers with the 26 weeks paid leave that will help them bond with their babies and return to work. It also aims to give fathers and partners access to more paid leave, AND to achieve some of the significant savings needed.

Boardlinks needs better balance

29 Sep 2016

The Liberal Government has not covered itself in glory when it comes to promoting women into leadership roles and its latest efforts with regard to Government boards and committees are lacklustre to say the least.

Sportswomen win gold, but still paid in bronze

15 Sep 2016

An update on a report into the gender metrics in global sport has found the huge pay gap in many sports played by both men and women is not likely to close anytime soon. This is despite a concerted push by many global sportswomen to be rewarded equally to their male counterparts.

Download the 2016 Gender Balance in Global Sport Report

​Do we think men are really going to solve the Liberal problem? No evidence to date.

07 Sep 2016

The recently released 10 year plan to have 50 per cent female Liberal MPs by 2025 through "mentoring" via a Male Champions of Change initiative is a bit pie in the sky to say the least.It is also top down and very old school in its approach. 

WOB member and Google Executive appointed to board of ASX company

07 Sep 2016

Women on Boards is delighted to announce the appointment of innovation and digital transformation executive and Women on Boards member, Susan Wheeldon-Steele, to the board of ASX listed, Centuria Capital (CNI).

Parties close – but not on gender

21 Jun 2016

Analysis by Women on Boards shows that 45.3 per cent of the candidates standing for election for the ALP are female, compared with 28.6 per cent for the Coalition. The Greens are the most gender balanced on 50 per cent with the Xenophon Party at 33.3 per cent.

Women on Boards supports Xenophon bill for gender balance on Government boards

29 Jul 2015

Women on Boards has backed Senator Nick Xenophon's bill to mandate gender balance on Australian Government Boards and Committees.

All except Government trending to greater gender balance on boards

16 Mar 2015

In the 2015 edition of the Boardroom Diversity Index Women on Boards evaluated 1422 organisations from more than 10 sectors

Australian Government indicates it wants to wind back gender reporting

16 Jan 2015

A Department of Employment report into the summary of consultations for Workplace Gender Equality Reporting is a flawed document that misrepresents support for the initiative.

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