Build Boardroom Capability: In Conversation with Harrison Young
Date Monday, 23 October 2017
Time 23 Oct 17:30 - 23 Oct 20:00
Venue McGrathNicol Level 6, 171 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
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Harrison Young has had a diverse and interesting career, primarily in the banking sector about which he holds some strong and somewhat divergent opinions to many. In his dissertation on why bankers should read poetry, he writes that; "The business model of commercial banking is essentially a difficult marriage in which governments stand ready to provide support but pretend they won’t, and grant banks a degree of independence they perhaps don’t deserve so as to avoid doing an even worse job themselves."

For a candid discussion about the banking sector and how he came to it from The Washington Post and a stint in the army, join us at McGrath Nicol in Melbourne.

Guest Speaker: Harrison Young

Prominent banker, Harrison Young, was appointed chairman of The Conversation in April 2017. Harrison is a director of the Commonwealth Bank and was previously chairman of the NBN Co Limited, Morgan Stanley Australia and Better Place Australia. Harrison, 72, was born in Pittsburg. He graduated from Harvard University and worked at the Washington Post during the time the Watergate scandal broke before he was conscripted into the US army. He went on to serve in Vietnam before embarking on a career in banking.  Harrison lives in Melbourne and is the author of four books and much poetry.