Become Board Ready: Governance Evaluator - How to create a successful board
Date Thursday, 25 May 2017
Time 25 May 12:00 - 25 May 13:00
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Fi Mercer, Governance Evaluator founder, will share critical practical and strategic lessons and key insights into effective governance. These have been gained from her broad sector engagement through Governance Evaluator over the past 3.5 years, and also from her personal experience as a board member over the past 25 years.

Women on Boards is delighted to provide you with the opportunity to hear from Fi. She offers an invaluable understanding and experience of what really makes boards successful. And what we as board members want, and what our community needs, is for boards to effectively discharge their responsibilities.

Fi will discuss:

  • The importance of evaluation as a critical first step to enable effective prioritisation of issues
  • How the process of evaluation takes directors and boards from a fraught position of “don’t know what we don’t know”, to the empowering position of “knowing what we don’t know”
  • How to effectively target individual and collective governance capability gaps with the right information and support.

Fi will also provide insight into the new Governance Evaluator platform: how it enables strong governance through a robust, engaging process that supports boards and individual directors to asses, develop and perform.

Women on Boards is partnering with Governance Evaluator Pty Ltd to enable women serving on boards to have access to an affordable, easy-to-use, online governance evaluation service to improve the function and operation of boards.

I cannot get over the simplicity of the tool...it was very empowering due to the easy to understand and remember language. It just should be in every business. (Deb Cameron, director Rocklea Pastoral Company)

“This incredibly affordable, time effective, quality and comprehensive program will not only evaluate your board but provide the foundations – year in year out – for building your board capabilities.”  (John Maher, Chair, South West Healthcare, 2014)

Presenter: Fi Mercer

Fi is a governance specialist, innovator and successful entrepreneur, with 30 years leadership experience in the health, not for profit, government and business sectors.  Her particular areas of expertise include Corporate Governance, Policy and Direction, Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Transformational Change.

She is the founding director of the award winning, Governance Evaluator. An innovative cloud based platform providing diagnostics and governance intelligence and supports for governance evaluation and building capability across Health, Government, NFP, Education and Finance sectors. 

Fi is a transformational leader in her current and past chair and director roles, as well as her roles as a founding director, CEO and executive manager.  

Fi completed entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital studies at Haas Business School at Berkley (Silicon Valley, California) and is also engaged in accelerator and mentoring groups for start-up businesses.